MotorSilk® utilizes patented Boron- CLS-Bond® technology to create a diamond-hard, virtually friction-free engine nano-coating.

CLS-Bond technology:

  • Unique, patented, proven
  • Creates ultra-protective barrier
  • Increases fuel efficiency
  • Increases horsepower

Boron-CLS-Bond utilizes air, moisture and hydrated boron to create a protective, ultra-low friction barrier on the metal surfaces of your engine to virtually eliminate metal on metal contact.

Engine parts glide smoothly on a cushion of low-friction platelets. A boric oxide barrier signifigantly reduces wear and pitting that occurs as most engines age beyond their warranty period. This ultra- low friction environment increases engine efficiency, delivering an increase in MpG of 8%*. Because your engine is working more fuel efficiently, there is a signifigant decrease is greenhouse gas emissions.

“How much of the energy used in vehicles is lost to friction?
More energy is lost to friction than is delivered to the wheels.”

- United States Department of Energy

Remarkably, just one bottle* of MotorSilk lasts for 100,000 miles. How? MotorSilk is the only engine lubricant that spontaneously reproduces itself. Mile after mile, oil changes after oil change, you will continue to enjoy the same engine protection, gas mileage savings and reduction in pollution - with no additional expense or effort.