The science of friction reduction has experienced a revolution. Based upon a patented discovery by the U.S. Dept. of Energy’s Argonne National Laboratory, Boron-CLS-Bond® is now available for every engine, everywhere. You can get the same benefits that commercial fleet professionals are using.

From the world renowned Technion - Israel Institute of Technology to the Mississippi Department of Transportation, Motor Silk technology has been tested and proven – with results demonstrating an average 8% increase in gas mileage and a significant decrease in engine wear and failure.

This extraordinary advancement has been recognized by government agencies and private enterprise as a “Bridge To The Future” in keeping fleet vehicles in top condition, and saving thousands in fuel costs and engine repairs.

MotorSilk doesn’t contain the toxic components found in most lubricating oils and fluids – Boron CLS technology is completely biodegradable and non-toxic. But beyond posing no threat to the environment, MotorSilk actually reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

MotorSilk conforms to the ISO 14064 “Mobile Greenhouse Gas Reduction” process, and delivers, per it’s ISO 14064 Validation, an average of 8% reduction in emissions for 100,000 miles while it delivers 8% increase in fuel economy. This adds up to almost 7,000 fewer pounds of greenhouse gas emissions.

And MotorSilk’s proven ability to protect and preserve engines means cars on the road today will continue to perform tomorrow, reducing the maintenance cost, and extending the life of every MotorSilk vehicle.