"Within 1,000 miles after adding MotorSilk®, the car ran noticeably better and after 2,000 miles the car ran better than when it was first purchased. I’ve experienced about a 10-15% improvement in fuel mileage...."
Joseph K. - 1993 Buick LeSabre - 220,000 miles

"....at the oil change I added the MotorSilk engine treatment, in less than 2,000 miles my MPG jumped from 18 to 22 MPG - impressive! I think a 4 MPG increase is great. Thanks for a phenomenal product."
Bruce L. - 1995 Chevy S10

"I wanted to let you know how thrilled I am with what your engine treatment has done for my vehicle. I have a 1997 Saturn SL with 267,000 yes 267,000 miles that I drive everyday. I put Motorsilk in the engine about 120,000 miles ago and am convinced that the reason that the car still runs like brand new is because of the Motorsilk treatment."
Frank P. - 1997 Saturn - 267,000 miles

"My fuel efficiency increased to 13.5 miles per gallon in the year after the treatment from June 2006 to June 2007 with no change in my driving route. This reflects a 6.5% improvement. That is the same as one free gallon of gas for each 15.4 that I buy. I am sold."
Paul M. - 1990 Jeep Cherokee

"To sum it all up. This 6,100 lb truck gets 16.4 to 16.8 in the mountains, and 18.4 to 18.8 on the flat. The best it ever did before the use of Motorsilk was 11.6 in town, and 14.4 on the freeway. If this is what Motorsilk will do for this vehicle in the first day, what can i expect in the future."
John - 2004 Dodge Ram Quad Cab 345 Hemi

"On the second tank of gas after installing the treatment, I experienced almost 10% increase in mileage so now I’ looking forward to possibly even higher gas mileage."
Charles O. - 1995 Buick Century - 103,000 miles

"I am pleased with motor silk. I added the products to my engine and transmission in my 95 Subaru legacy with 115,860 miles and I am getting four more miles to the gallon (22MPG to 26MPG)."
Rocky H. - 95 Subaru Legacy - 115,860 miles

"I recently added your MotorSilk treatments to my 2000 Chevy Pickup. All the while I owned the truck, I’ve never seen more the 15 mpg. After adding MotorSilk, I’m getting 18 mpg. MotorSilk is the only product that lived up to its claims."
Steve H. - 2000 Chevy Pickup - 160,000 miles

"...I drive a 2003 Chevy Silverado and never could get better than 16.7 MPG, after I installed the Motor Silk in my engine, within 2 weeks I was up to 18 MPG. I also put it in my Toyota Corolla and went from 32MPG to 35.5 MPG..."
Richard M. "The Bladerunner"

"I changed the oil and filter@18.252 and treated the engine. I was skeptical at first but 5-8% [mpg increase] were easily met."
Carl T. - 2004 GMC 2500 Van - 18,252 miles

"I added the MotorSilk engine treatment to my 2004 Nissan Sentra and got a good 10% increase in my MPG along with a noticeable smoother engine. I have never used such a good engine treatment and I have used a lot of them."

"We have applied MotorSilk to our 2005 Honda Pilot. Prior to MotorSilk it did 17.5 MPG, after MotorSilk it is over 23 MPG."
Nathan G. - 2005 Honda Pilot

"Baseline: MotorSilk was applied 30,000 miles ago MPG increased from 15 to 19 MPG. MotorSilk was applied second time - Trip of 345.4 miles.....90 miles of these are city driving. Car consumed 14.2 Gallons which equates to 24.3 MPG."
Phillip - 2006 Honda Pilot

"A must buy for every car and truck driver because it works."
Ron Ananian - heard nationally as the "Car Doctor"

"I have used it in my 2002 Nissan Pathfinder (15% increase in mileage), 1942 Willy’ U.S. Army WWII jeep (10% improvement), 2004 BMW Z4 (This vehicle uses synthetic motor oil and my fuel economy actually increased from 29 to 35 mpg, a 20% improvement), 2008 Toyota 4-Runner, V8 (20% improvement), 2008 Lexus sedan (17% improvement), and a 2007 Subaru Outback (12% improvement)."
Robert R.

"I use MotorSilk in the Guardian Angel Vans and in my personal vehicle, it saves us big money in fuel cost (3-4 more mpg)."
Curtis Sliwa

"The bottom line here is that I drove a car with no oil in the engine for 2,000 miles without damage to the engine and can only credit MotorSilk for this....and, yes, I was already enjoying a 10% plus increase in fuel mileage...."
Peter H. - 2000 Honda Accord - 99,000 miles

"About two weeks after adding Motor Silk...our gas mileage has increased about 2 mpg for in-town driving. With gas so expensive, 2 mpg adds up pretty fast. Now all of my friends want Motor Silk for their older vehicles."
Steven B. - 1999 Nissan Infinity I30

"My old BMW is running like a dream, like a dream; and is also getting 5 miles to the gallon more!"
Barry R.